Adorable Homemade Baby Snow White Costume

Baby Snow White Costume

Baby Snow White Costume
This homemade baby snow white costume is made with two sweatshirts sewn together. Some store bought princess costumes are made with thin fabrics and do not provide enough warmth. The sweatshirts provide just enough warmth on a chilly Halloween night. The cap sleeves were gathered and embellished with red ribbon. The front was also embellished using gold ribbon.

Another way to embellish this baby snow white costume would be to add swirls with glitter fabric paint on to the skirt. Add sheer tulle or glittery sheer fabric on top of the skirt to make it extra pretty. Pair this costume with some tights and some simple ballet slippers and you have a complete ensemble including the pacifier clip disguised as an apple. You can also use a long sleeve t-shirt underneath. This baby snow white costume fits sizes up to 12 months but can be adjusted for any size. Two size 5T sweatshirts is enough to make size 12 months.

To make this baby snow white costume, you will need the following:

Note: Use 1/2 inch seam allowances with the exception of the collar.

Blue sweatshirt – size 5T
Light yellow sweatshirt – size 5T
Red felt
Green felt
Pacifier clip (for apple)
Thin elastic – 24 inches
Red ribbon 1/2 inch thick
Glittery gold ribbon
Small amount of white fabric (satin or other) (less than 1 yard)
Stiff interfacing for collar
Matching blue, yellow, and white thread
Sewing machine
Measuring tape
Fabric pencil or tailor’s chalk
Sewing needle
Seam ripper
Tacky Glue (optional)

Step 1: Take measurements of your baby’s chest and waist sizes. Make note of these and add an inch for sewing allowances. You can also use a snug t-shirt as a guide for sizing.
Step 2: Using diagram A as a guide. Cut out the skirt of the dress from the yellow sweatshirt. Make the skirt as long as you’d like here. If this is for a younger infant girl, you can also make a gown and add elastic to the hem.

Step 3: Using diagram B as a guide. Cut out the bodice pieces of the dress from the blue sweatshirt.

Step 4: You should now have the following pieces for the costume. (See diagram C.)

Step 5: Sew the left and right sides of the bodice to the front center panel to make the front of the bodice. (See bodice assembly.)
Step 6: Place the front of the bodice right side facing right side of the back and sew together at the sides and top. (See bodice assembly.)

Step 7: Cut 6 strips of red ribbon to same length as sleeves. Place 3 ribbons as shown in diagram D and top stitch on to left sleeve on right side. Repeat for right sleeve. Turn sleeves inside out and hem both sleeves leaving a small opening to insert elastic. Measure elastic to fit arm and cut to length. Insert elastic using a safety pin, hand sew ends of elastic, and sew hem closed. (Make sure the elastic is not too tight for arm.)
Step 8: Using a running stitch, gather top part of sleeves to create a puffy sleeve effect. (See diagram D.)

Step 9: Sew left and right sleeves as shown to the bodice. Insert sleeves into armholes to facilitate this task. (See sleeve assembly.)

Step 10: Sew the skirt pieces right side to right side together and hem. (See skirt assembly.)

Step 11: Once you have sewn the skirt, it is time to attach the bodice to the skirt. But first, take the bodice and place it on top of the skirt, trace the outline of the bottom of the bodice so that you get a “V” shape on the top of the skirt. Cut the skirt top. (See diagram E.)

Step 12: Once you have cut out the skirt top, sew the bodice to the skirt. (See skirt and bodice assembly.)

Step 13: Using white fabric, cut out the collar as shown. Measurements should be 4 inches wide by 15.5 inches long. Cut and angle inward slightly by 1 inch on each side. Cut 2 pieces. Cut interfacing to same measurements. Assemble all pieces and sew using a 1/4 inch seam allowance leaving the bottom open. (Interfacing should be on top of the two pieces of fabric.) Notch the curved edges to ensure a rounded effect when collar is turned inside out. (See diagram F.)

Step 14: Once collar is sewn, turn inside out and sew to the back of the bodice with the wrong side facing out. To make this easier, mark the center of the collar and pin in place to the center of the back. Sewing of the collar will start and end on the front. (See collar assembly to bodice.)

Step 15: Cut a small length of elastic. Create a casing for the elastic by folding down fabric. Sew elastic to the back of the front center panel. This will gather the fabric. (See elastic placement.)

Step 16: Now you are ready to add the gold ribbon. Turn the garment inside out. Using the diagram as a guide, measure, cut, and sew the gold ribbon to the seams of the front center panel of the bodice. (See gold ribbon placement.) Flip the collar up.

You are finished with the baby snow white costume. Proceed with the companion apple pacifier clip cover instructions to complete the look.

Instructions For Apple Pacifier Cover (easiest method, no sew):

Note: You may also sew the pieces together instead of gluing. Simply leave an opening at the top to insert the pacifier clip, then sew closed. Sew ends of red ribbon instead of gluing to attach to pacifier.

Step 1: Print pattern for the apple cover. Cut out the shapes for the apple, leaves, and cut red ribbon for attaching pacifier (9 inches long).

Step 2: Glue one leaf behind front of apple to the left and then glue other leaf on top. Take pacifier clip and slip through slit of the back of the apple. Take ribbon and slip through the top of the clip. Glue in place. (See photo.)

Step 3: Glue front of apple to pacifier clip and slip end of red ribbon through a hole or loop of pacifier to attach. Glue in place. Let dry.

You have finished the apple pacifier clip to go along with your baby snow white costume.

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