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Ideas For Making Baby Crafts & Baby Stuff

Handmade baby toys are easy and fun to make. They do not have to be complicated or the materials used to make them expensive. Observe how children play and you will find out how easily they are entertained by the simplest of things like the packaging the toy came in. Take this inspiration and come up with ideas for what type of toy you can make easily.

What to make

There are a variety of toys that you can make yourself. Baby blocks can be made out of fabric remnants left over from a quilting project. Turn your child's favorite bedtime storybook into a soft book by scanning the pages and then printing onto printable fabric. Baby rattles are also easy to make using jingle bells and fabric.

A factor to consider when making your baby toys is the age of the child. Take into consideration the stage they are at as well. Babies like toys that make noise and are soft to the touch. Toddlers like things that they can stack or move around. Engage your preschooler with toys that help them learn letters, numbers, and shapes. These are just some ideas to consider when making your baby toys.

Easy Handmade Baby Toys

Soft stacking toy

This stacking toy will offer more than just "stack-ability". It will teach your child numbers, shapes, and colors. Turn playtime into learning time with this soft stacking toy....

Sock rag doll

Make this adorable sock rag doll for baby. It is so easy to make you'll want to make more than one. What a great way to re-purpose those single socks!....

baby toy projects

teddy wrist rattle

Who says you can't wear your teddy bear? Make a cute teddy bear rattle that your child will love to wear....

ducky wrist rattle

Yellow rubber duckies are a classic toy children love to play with. This one will become a favorite for your little darling....