Homemade Safari Baby Mobile

Homemade Safari Baby Mobile
This homemade safari baby mobile can be made easily using Popsicle sticks, ribbon and other wooden items. The Popsicle sticks are arranged into a hexagon shape and then glued together. Use any safari animal that you like such as an elephant, giraffe, or a lion as the center piece.

Match your homemade safari baby mobile to your decor by using ribbons that compliment the colors of the room. Using different textures and styles add some interesting details. You may also use one ribbon style throughout the whole project. In this mobile, several styles were used to create a unique effect.

To create this baby mobile, you will need the following:


Six Popsicle sticks
Assorted acrylic paints
Assorted thin ribbons (cut to 12 inch lengths)
1 inch wide ribbon (spool)
Size 3 cotton crochet thread or other similar thread
Assorted wooden letters to spell out either “Baby Girl or
Baby Boy”
Wooden safari animal such as a lion
Sand paper (120 grit)
Wood glue
Hot glue or craft glue
Paper clip
1 staple


Tip: Use a table or flat surface to make this process easier while making your safari mobile. Smooth any rough edges on the popsicle sticks and other wooden items before beginning your project.

Step 1: Arrange the Popsicle sticks into a hexagon shape and glue together to create a frame. (See photo A for guidance.)Allow to dry.

Step 2: Paint the letters using the colors of your choice. Allow to dry.

Step 3: Cut three 24 inch lengths of thread and thread through paper clip folding thread in half.

Step 4: Holding paper clip and thread, knot thread 1 ½ inches down and separate into three 2 piece segments. (See photo B for guidance.) This is the top of the safari mobile.

Step 5: Thread wooden bead through center 2 lengths of thread.

Step 6: Using photo C as a guide, wrap right 2 threads together as if to knot around center 2 threads directly underneath the wooden bead.

Step 7: Using photo D as a guide, wrap left 2 threads together as if to knot around center 2 threads directly underneath the wooden bead and right 2 threads.

Step 8: Using photo E as a guide, tighten knots around center 2 threads directly underneath the wooden bead.

Step 9: Grab Popsicle stick frame and tie each thread around every point where each stick meets making sure that the threads are all equally taught. (Use photos F, G, and H as a guide for tying threads.)

Step 10: Use a small piece of tape to hold beginning end of ribbon in place on the frame as you securely wrap wide ribbon around entire frame wrapping in all ends of threads and gluing end piece by folding ribbon under first. No threads should be visible (See photo I for finished look.)

Step 11: Tie ends of thin ribbons to frame evenly spacing all 8 pieces. (See photo I.)

Step 12: Tie each letter to ends of thin ribbon. (See photo J.)

Step 13: Tie a 6 inch length of thread around knots beneath the wooden bead to support the safari animal of choice.

Step 14: Take a single staple, bend in half and insert into top of head. (See photo K.)

Step 15: Insert thread through this loop and tie a knot. Push staple in further to secure knot. (See photo L.)

Step 16: Remove paper clip and thread a ribbon through all loops of the threads and tie a bow around the knots underneath the wooden bead. (See photo M.)

You have now completed your homemade safari baby mobile. (See photo N.)

Caution: Please keep baby mobile away from baby's reach.

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